About us

hoodsmotoWelcome to hoodsmoto.com!

Providing Ontario Enduro and Off-road riders with a little bit of everything moto related.

This season you will see a lot of changes to our site, format and content. The goal remains the same, providing more publicity to this incredible sport, its riders and the industry.

Our main focus will be more towards video content this time around, although our blog will still feature written work. Our budget is gone and our bodies are beat, so racing will not be as strong a focus this season. 2018 is all about having as much fun as possible on your bike, learning new things, meeting new people and globally strengthening the world of dirt bike riding. As much as we want you to read our content and watch our videos all day long…We hope that they will make you want to close the laptop, turn off that phone and get out and ride!

We’ll still be testing products and providing some race coverage but we’ll also be adding a bit more of a personal touch. Sometimes there’s more to riding dirt bikes than suspension settings and tire choices. We’re often faced with much more difficult terrain to navigate, like responsibilities, family, money and the 50 hours a week we spend trying to fund our insane addiction.

We admit, we’re not web designers or videographers and we’re certainly not the best riders. We just have a life long passion for dirt bikes.

Please give us a follow and help hoodsmoto.com grow throughout the season. We appreciate any and all support and will promote our favourite past time to the best of our abilities so we can all enjoy more riding!

See you out there.