You’ll kill yourself on that thing! Are you crazy? Not under my roof… These are just a few things you may have heard as a child when you asked your parents for a dirt bike. Some kids are lucky enough to be brought up with dirt bikes and they’ll end up riding as soon as they can walk. Others will settle for magazines and dream about bikes for years before sacking up enough to ask their parents. So instead of showing Mom a picture of some professional rider Jumping 100ft and saying “buy me this death machine”. Lets give it a fighting chance and tell Mom and Dad about the incredible benefits that come from a life with dirt bikes.

dirt bike kid
That’s not a young Ronnie Mac…My first dirt bike experience at age 7.

Challenge them

Hockey isn’t the only game in town eh. Your children can learn the importance of fitness, practice and work ethic without the 6AM tournaments and hemorrhoid inducing ice rink bleachers.

Learning to ride a dirt bike can be one of the most rewarding things a child can experience. Mastering a machine at a young age can skyrocket your children’s confidence and give them a better base for all future aspects of their lives. Along the way, little Johnny or Susie are bound to take tumble or two. By teaching them to get up, dust themselves off and get back on that horse will make them a stronger person.

Contrary to popular belief, the engine does not do all the work. In order for your children to ride often and ride well, they are going to have to learn the importance of fitness, flexibility and recovery. It also aids in getting them to turn off the Playstation and get outside more often.

Learn basic mechanics

Did you know there are adults out there that don’t even own a screwdriver? There’s actually handymen being paid to hang pictures for people. Don’t let your kids end up like this. It’s not enough to get them a dirt bike, make sure it’s their responsibility to keep it running. The bike will teach them the basic fundamentals of mechanics. Everything from tire pressures, combustion, fuels and oils. It’s better that they know what’s going on in the machine that they make fly.

If you teach your daughter how to change the oil in her CRF50, ten years later when she gets a flat tire in the middle of Nowheresville, she’ll have it swapped out and be back on the road before you know it. This basic knowledge will translate into a million practical uses throughout their lifetime. From fixing the lawnmower to building a deck. It also teaches simple responsibility. Once they fail to maintain their bike and it results in ruining a day of riding, they won’t forget that maintenance again. Teach them to use tools so they won’t turn out as one!

Stay on a good path

Provided you’re raising your kid with a little bit of common sense, they will understand that owning a dirt bike is a pretty big deal. They’ll know it’s a privilege to ride at such young age and they will work for it. Need the lawn mowed, no problem. Dads car needs a wash? Done. Homework and grades? Well…If they want to keep riding, they’ll keep that up too. Just make sure they know they’ll only get to ride if they continue to be a half decent human being. Ingrain these traits into your kids when they’re young and you’ll have free labour as long as they continue to mooch off the parental teat.

dirt bike kid
This kid will do anything to keep his dirt bike. Age 8

As they enter the terrible teenage years. Their love of riding will commonly keep them on the right path. Parties will be substituted for sleep before a big ride day. That afternoon little Billy from down the street finally busted into his parents liquor cabinet? Your spawn will be too busy dialling in his carburetor so he doesn’t case that big triple. Having a kid grow up as dirt biker doesn’t guarantee they’ll be a good kid, you still have some work to do as parents. But it does provide an excellent foundation for responsibility and dedication.


What kid would rather sleep in and play video games all day than do this?

A mental escape

Even at a young age, anxiety and stress can take over our little ones. Schoolwork, sports, friends and cooties can take a toll on young minds. Riding dirt bikes is a great escape from the everyday because it can’t be done with a busy mind. The riders focus is needed for important details like line selection, throttle control, shifting gears and balance. This thought process eliminates all chatter and frees the mind. Even as an adult, this is the most beneficial part of riding dirt bikes. Having your child know their mental escape route can help them keep their sanity throughout life.

dirt bike kid
Forget the child psychologist, this bike will do the trick. Age 10


If you don’t already ride as a Mother or Father. Consider getting yourself a bike and learn together. Riding dirt bikes can be an amazing way for a family to spend quality time together and share a common interest. As you grow with the sport you can take it serious and get into racing or keep it recreational for family activities or vacations.

I’m not claiming that dirt bikes are for everyone. I’m simply suggesting it as an alternative to the status quo should your child show an interest.

If you’re completely new to dirt bikes, I can imagine you may have a flurry of questions. Please send them to us via our contact page or our Instagram account. We will do our best to help everyone that wants to experience the best thing life has to offer.