Nitro Mousse long term test and review

Get out your lube!

nitro mousse

For me, inner tubes and Tubliss systems don’t exist. There’s nothing more important to me than 100% flat proof anxiety free riding. The only way to get this is with mousses.

It was a tougher decision for me to make since I’m cheaper than your first date and mousses are obviously more expensive than tubes. There was nothing more frustrating than packing up, driving out to a riding spot, ride 5km into the trail only to get a flat tire. Sure I could pack spare tubes and tools to do a trailside tube swap but that’s not something I want to be doing on a regular basis.

What is a Mousse?

It doesn’t go in your hair. Mousses came on the scene back in the 80s. Introduced by Michelin as an alternative to tubes. It’s a foam ring sized to fit inside your tire and against your rim eliminating the need to run any air in the tire. The beauty of mousses is that they are completely flat proof. The most common complaints are the added weight and a more harsh feeling while riding. They are also a bit tougher to install, and more expensive.

*If you’re making the switch to mousses, look into a mousse installation tool like this one we tested last year.

The negatives of running mousses were gone for me after one season on them. Once you adapt to the feeling, adjust your set up accordingly and learn to install them. You’ll never go back. I’ve tried a few mousses now but Nitro Mousse has made it to the top of my list.

nitro mousse
All lubed up and ready to go.

Nitro Mousse entered the market and they hooked me with one line of their many features, “Lasts 2X longer”. Your wife would agree here, lasting twice as long is great news. Twice as long means I get more for my money. Along with the added durability, Nitro Mousse also claims better performance. I would ramble on about the science behind them, but I don’t understand it. I just want a heavy duty pool noodle that goes in my tire and replicates air!

Getting started with Nitro Mousse

The first thing I noticed about the Nitro mousse is that they felt a bit heavier than the competition and were a bit more dense when holding one in each hand. Initially I was concerned that performance might be sacrificed for the added durability but just like’s Bobby Bouchers Momma, I was wrong again. Although they are heavier, the Nitro Mousses perform well right off the bat.

nitro mousse
Nestled nicely between the side walls of this tire, the Nitro Mousse is ready for war.

Installation went about as smooth as any other mousse install. Nitro Mousse comes in multiple sizes. They have a recommended mousse size/tire sheet that I would highly recommend checking before your purchase as certain tires and rims may require different sized mousses. *See the Nitro Mousse fitment chart here.

How do they ride

I Installed my Nitro Mousses the night before a 300km two day enduro race. Historically I would have to install and “pre-ride” mousses before a race as they normally have a “dead” feeling for the first few hours. Nitro Mousse claims they don’t have the break in period and I trusted them. The first few KMs of the day did had a stiffer feeling since the mousses I had just replaced were obliterated and super soft. Within a few minutes I wasn’t even paying attention to them anymore, which tells me they are doing what I want them to do, they were predictable and plush.

nitro mousse
We loved the feel of the Nitro Mousse on the enduro cross track.

Performance wise, I really liked the feeling I got from these mousses. They are dense enough to absorb shock from roots and small rocks but soft enough to provide necessary grip to climb steep rock faces and climbs. I do a lot of enduro cross type riding and hate hearing my rim smash off the obstacles. The Nitro Mousse does a great job absorbing those hard impacts.


Over the past year, I’ve tortured these mousses with well over 70 hours of use. I used several different front and rear tire combinations with similar results. I even had a successful day climbing rocks using the 110 mousse in a 120 tire to replicate a lower PSI. Along with many hours of rocky rooted trails, I hit up a few motocross tracks as well. Whether it was sand or blue groove, the Nitro Mousse remained reliable.

The mousses only got better and better with every hour of use. For East coast riding, these fall into a great balance of feeling in most terrain we have. I can see how some west coast riders would prefer Tubliss to get the lowest PSI possible, but for Ontario and most East coast use, Nitro Mousse has dialed it in.

nitro mousse
With close to 80 hours of use, this Nitro mousse still wants more.


Nitro Mousse was not lying when they said their product would last twice as long as the competition, in fact, I think they undershot it a bit. Every time I dismounted a tire, I was half expecting to see at least some damage to the mousse. I was shocked each time as the Nitro Mousse looked almost the exact same as when I installed it. I’m currently closing in on 80 hard hours on both the front and rear mousse. I’m going to continue running these mousses for a lot longer and will update this article as I go and update you when I finally kill them.

nitro mousse
Other than the rim rock and tire groove indentation, this mousse could pass for new.
nitro mousse
I only changed the front tire twice in the past year, so this mousse had only been re-lubed once.


  • No flats
  • Ultra Durable
  • many sizes available
  • Perform extremely well
  • installation lube included


  • Re-lubrication/tire swap will be messy
  • On the heavy side

I have to give credit to Nitro Mousse here as this is an extremely well performing Mousse that is ultra durable compared to their competition. I’m not saying Nitro Mousse is the only Mousse you should own as I do see alternative benefits from others on the market but if you’re just getting into mousses or looking for a more durable option, look no further than Nitro Mousse.

Please reach out if you any questions about this product.