WR Performance Products F3 Fast Foam Filter Cleaner

Finally a filter cleaner that works!


Air filters…Probably the most hated maintenance for any dirt bike rider. They’re messy, time consuming and a pain in the arse. It’s never going to go away completely but at least the folks at WR Performance Products are trying to make it easier on us.

What is it and why?

The F3 fast foam filter cleaner is a fast and effective way of cleaning your dirty filters regardless of what air filter oil you are using. It can be used over and over again for up to ten filter cleans. Whether your prefer alcohol based oils or traditional solvent based oils, F3 fast foam filter cleaner will handle it all. It’s strong enough to clean the dirtiest\tackiest filters yet still biodegradable.

In recent years I’ve found it difficult to find a decent air filter cleaner. I’ve tried most brands over the years and usually resulted in a inconsistent clean. The Aerosols work but are far too expensive and I prefer not to use kerosene or gasoline as these drastically reduce the life of your filters. I even started using a less tacky air filter oil because they were easier to clean.┬áNow that we have the F3 Fast Foam Filter cleaner, I’ve been able to go back to my favourite tacky solvent based syrupy filter oils!

How to use it

I’m sure I don’t have to recite how to clean an air filter for you but here’s a brief lesson on how to use the F3 fast foam filter cleaner.

  • First get yourself some disposable gloves and a re-sealable container so that yo can re-use your cleaner for future cleans.
  • Pour in your bottle of F3 into the container.
  • Immerse dirty filter in F3 cleaner and agitate/massage
  • Remove filter and squeeze it out. *If very dirty, you may have to repeat this step
  • once you’ve squeezed out as much cleaner as you can, it should be very obvious how clean your filter is but the F3 cleaner is not done yet.
  • Thoroughly rinse filter out with water, this activates a soap within the F3 cleaner that removes any remaining particles and oil.
  • Let filters dry, re-oil, re-install, go ride.


f3 foam filter cleaner
f3 foam filter cleaner
and After.

The F3 filter cleaner has an odour but it is a nice smell and not very strong. I found this smell to be a bit more evident after the filters were cleaned and rinsed. This didn’t really bother me but if a complete lack of smell led you to an alcohol based oil/cleaner, you may still stay want to stay there. However after speaking with WR Performance products, they have told us they have managed to recalibrate the recipe with far less odour and should be available in the coming weeks.

So far I have tried the F3 cleaner with several different air filter oils achieving almost identical results each time. I’ve used my 1 quart of F3 for 8 filters already and see no problem getting in a few more before replenishing.

f3 foam filter cleaner
These once filthy filters were no match for the F3 cleaner!

For more information, visit them at WRperformanceproducts.com

Try it for yourselves and let us know what you think.