2019 KTM Powerwear Pounce gear

Did I go full KTM Fanboy?


I was never one to rep any OEM branded moto gear. There’s a thousand gear options out there so deciding to deck yourself out in a KTM Superhero kit takes a bit of commitment. Maybe it’s my older age, frugalness or those extra pounds I can’t seem to lose but this KTM gear set checked off nearly all the boxes for me. KTM was able to cram comfort, durability and affordability into this combo.

ktm pounce
I’m no model so this is as good of a gear shot as you’ll get.

I’m not saying I’m only going to wear this gear from now on, far from it. I have many gear sets from multiple brands and like them all for different reasons. I just figured since my thoughts about OEM gear were so far off, maybe yours could be too?

The jersey

It’s simply a jersey, what more do you expect? It’s a raglan cut, which is a loose fit like jerseys used to be until they started catering all gear to 140 pound shredded teenagers. “Prime” fit and “athletic” fit are all the rage these days. Unfortunately, if I have a burger on Tuesday, you’ll still see it through my “athletic fit” jersey on Sunday. Luckily this KTM Pounce jersey is Dad bod approved! I’m also grateful KTM kept the logos small and subtle. The black version has just enough orange without going overboard. The Jersey is 100% polyester and breathes but not super well. Some more ventilation would be nice but I’ll be content with that once it cools down a little.

ktm pounce
No nonsense KTM Pounce jersey.

The pants

Similar to the reason I don’t wear “Prime” fit is the reason I like these pants. They have an elastic waist band! Were not taking a few measly millimetres here, this waist band has as much give as my Biway track pants from 1992. Another big “must have” for me on any moto pant is the crotch flex panel. I won’t even look at a pant if it doesn’t have this feature, this is where the comfort and flexibility come from. The pant is made of a very durable polyester/nylon combo and features leather panels inside the knee. They didn’t put elastic bands around the ankle which is great (Why is that still a thing?). The zipper and waist ratchet lock stay in position and locked at all times.

ktm pounce
Quality pant, Quality price.
ktm pounce
The infamous elastic waist band.
ktm pounce
Comfy crotch guarantee thanks to the orange stretch panel.

Just like the jersey, these pants do not flow a tonne of air, just enough to stay comfortable. As much as I love the elastic waist band for comfort and fit, it does not favour a super grippy seat cover. I found myself having to yank them back up a couple times after a seat bounce.

ktm pounce
I was very happy to find this pocket as well.



The glove

I am ridiculously picky about my gloves. Most of the gloves in my gear bag are 3-5 years old. I still wear them because I have the hardest time trying to find a new pair that fit as good.

ktm pounce
A well used and enjoyed KTM Pounce glove.

After staring at the glove wall at my local dealer for an hour, I tried on everything and completely overlooked the $36.00 KTM Pounce glove. I finally said “what the hell” and tried them on and was shocked. By far the most comfortable glove on the wall, even compared to it’s $50-$60 competition. There are no distracting seams along the fingers, the velcro is secure, stays done up and the palm is nice and thin. Try them on and see for yourself! This is the definition of bang for buck.

ktm pounce
Finding balance with the KTM Pounce gear combo.

So if you own a KTM and want some good quality gear at a good price, this is a fantastic option. If you don’t own a KTM and want some quality gear, well…I won’t judge you. Hit up your local KTM dealer and try a set on and let me know what you think.