Ripclear goggle lens protector review

A screen protector for your goggles.

My main goggle for the past few moths, You can see some scratches on the Ripclear film which are barely noticeable. Underneath is still a brand new lens.

You should not discount your vision when you’re packing your gear bag for the day. I’m as frugal as they come so I usually end up using a goggle lens way longer than I should be. Buying a new lens can cost as much as a the goggle sometimes and if your particular goggle frame has been discontinued, you’re completely out of luck.

So what is it?

Ripclear is a protective film that goes onto your original goggle lens but is not as temporary as tear offs or laminates. Similar to a phone protector the Ripclears purpose is to protect your original lens from scratches and damage. On top of protecting the base lens, the Ripclear film itself is also scratch resistant so it takes some real abuse to actually scratch it. Once the Ripclear film is beat up enough to affect your vision, you can simply peel it off and run the original lens thus doubling its lifespan or install another Ripclear film and never replace that goggle lens again.

I know a lot of riders that use laminated tear offs to protect their lenses but this only lasts until you pull them all off and it’s still possible for dirt/water to get between the laminate and original lens and cause some damage.


Here’s what comes in the Ripclear goggle kit.

Installation is rather simple. I tried one on a used lens as well as a brand new one. They go on exactly like any phone screen protector. The worst part is just making sure there’s no dust between the lens and the film. They include cleaning wipes, dust removing strips and a microfibre for ensuring you get all the dust off. As you can see in the photo below, my first attempt left a bit of dust. Luckily I was able to pull it back up and remove the dust.

I rushed the first one and got a bit of dust between the lens and film. Luckily I was able to lift it back up and get rid of it. *My flash allows you to see the Ripclear edge on this shot. Normally It’s not as easy to see as you can tell from the clear lens below.
Clear lens after Ripclear installation.

Depending on your goggle, you may have to do some trimming since the film is a universal shape. On these 100% goggles, I only had to do some minor cutting around the bottom. Once installed you can barely see the edge of the Ripclear film. While wearing the goggles and looking through you’d have no idea a film was installed.

How do they work?

I’ve had the same Ripclear lenses on my goggles for a few months now. They are showing a lot of scratches at this point and it’s nice knowing my lens underneath is still in perfect condition. As a woods rider who constantly get smacked in the goggle with branches, I’m sure I would have scrapped a few lenses by now.

My main goggle for the past few months, You can see some scratches on the Ripclear film. Underneath is still a brand new lens.

Rather than just protect your base lens, the Ripclear film is actually harder to scratch than the original lens. I was expecting them to be a bit more beat up several months in so I had to speed up the abuse process and really test the durability. I pulled out my keys and treated that lens like it was an Ex girlfriends car.

Freshly gouged lens with Ripclear film on. Not gonna lie, I had to put a lot of effort into getting the film to scratch.
Under the keyed Ripclear film lies a brand new lens. Even the deepest scratches didn’t make it to the base lens.

I’m a huge fan of this product. It definitely makes me think “why didn’t I think of that.”

Try them for yourself.

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