Tokyo Offroad Oil drain tool – tested

A Shewee for your dirt bike!


Nothing is sweeter than finding a product that just straight up makes life easier. Oil changes on a KTM two stroke are not difficult but they can be frustrating. The drain bolt is usually not in a convenient spot and unless you have a quick release skid plate, you’re definitely not taking that sucker off each time unless you have nothing but free time. For me, time is money and I’m short on both.

ktm drain tool
That’s the drain plug, way back there…Convenient isn’t it?

Normally you would pull your drian plug out and oil spills into your skid plate, across your frame rails and literally everywhere else but in your perfectly placed drain pan.

Thankfully a friend introduced me to the Tokyo Offroad oil drain tool (Thanks Alex!) and life got easier from that day forward. This simple little piece of aluminum and silicone tubing immediately made it into my tool kit.

oil drain tool ktm
So Simple yet so effective.

Here’s how it works.

oil drain tool ktm
First lay your beautiful bike gently onto its side.


ktm drain tool
Remove your drain plug, then thread in your Tokyo Off-road tool. Finger tight is all you need, the O-ring will create a leak proof seal.
ktm drain tool
Install the hose. You can use a zip tie around the base for extra security if need be.
ktm drain tool
Stand your bike back up.
ktm drain tool
Pull the plug and let that black gold drain right back into an empty container. Not one drop was spilled!


At this point you’ll plug the tube back up, lay the bike back on its side and remove the tool.  Re-install your drain plug, then stand her up and fill with your fresh oil.

You’ve completed your oil change now without making any mess and your used oil is in a regular container for easy appropriate disposal.

Yes, it’s simple but it does its job very well. If you have a KTM two stroke, Tokyo Offroad likely has a drain tool for you. They also have them for Beta. Be sure to check out the other tools and goodies they have to offer as well. Visit Tokyo Offroad by clicking the logo below.