Welcome back

Simplified for your viewing pleasure.


Thanks for coming to our new website. You’ll notice things have changed a little bit since last season. Last year was such a massive learning experience and I’m still working out the kinks of what we’ll get ourselves into this year.

Our main objective remains unchanged. The goal is to bring more attention to Off-road riding and racing in Ontario and beyond. Showing the masses how exciting our sport is and how talented the athletes are will help introduce new supporters, sponsors and enthusiasts to our industry.

We don’t have the same budget as last year and even less free time…BUT that will not mean less hoodsmoto goodness. Our blog will take a bit more of a personal approach this time around as we tackle getting older, daily adulting, working and family life all while making sure we keep riding dirt bikes as much as possible. We’ll still test, review and demo products of all kinds and continue to hone our video skills as we spotlight some of the best riding in the province. We hope to be fully immersed in video content as we learn more along the way.

Your support has meant the world to us, follow us to stay posted as the season gears up.