Colborne XC had to be the most visually stunning race of the year. Skies were blue, leaves were falling and highways were full of city folk pulling over to take pictures of trees.

There’s something about ripping dirt bikes across a beautiful fall landscape that can bring out the nature nut in all of us. Colborne XC provided a near perfect XC lap. Flowing trails, fast choppy field passes and bits of motocross track made for lots of exciting racing.

cochranes xc
Riders ready? Looks like a lot of two strokes in the field.

The Course

The Colborne XC course was roughly 10kms long and took riders anywhere from 16-20+ minutes to complete a lap. This race took place on the Cochranes property that normally hosts the MMRS motocross events. Using a dead engine start, riders would start on the track, take a few corners and hit some tabletops before speeding off the track towards the woods. The trails were fast with nice loamy corners. There were only a few tight spots and the trails opened up frequently enough for lots of passing opportunities. The lap featured multiple fields to be crossed but these sections weren’t the nice break they normally are. They were chopped out pretty bad by the afternoon and your hands were going to pay for it!

colborne xc
The 10 km loop on the beautiful Cochranes Property.
colborne xc
The Pro class aggressively navigates the tight first corner. Aaron Wilkins and Connor Brogan get pretty close on this one.
colborne xc
Novice B riders would have an eventful first lap just due to the amount of riders in the class.

After a good solid mix of woods and fast field sections it opened up into a sand track which was excellent for bar banging. One of the most iconic features of this race is crossing through the barn. In no other race do you actually get to ride right through someones barn. Although you’d have to be careful in there, the floor was quite slippery!

colborne xc
Zach Lewis goes through the barn.
colborne xc
Some fun safe jumps were left on the course so everyone could experience the “art of the send”
colborne xc
Great race for Tyler Fazi in his first Off-road Ontario XC this year. Tyler finished 2nd behind expert XC Series leader Graham Rowbotham.

Over all it looked like riders really enjoyed this race. There were constant battles for position right up until the checkered flag. Riders that generally aren’t as big a fan of the XC races couldn’t help but enjoy this one. It had something for everyone.


colborne xc
It’s good to see Jill Carney on the other side of the lens!

Thank you to the Cochranes for providing a great venue for racing and for the Northumberland trail riders for hosting. Thank you to all volunteers, Off-road Ontario, scorers and helpers. We love racing this series and couldn’t be more grateful for what you provide for us.

The series wraps up next weekend at Freeflow. See you there.

There was a lot of excitement on lap one of the Novice B class. Check out Alan Kmyta as he had some misfortune off the start but soldiered on like a champ to finish the race.