Mobius X8 wrist brace test and review

Season saved! Thanks Mobius.

mobius x8 wrist brace
Enough support to endure 4.5 hours of roots, rocks and ruts.

Our wrists demand a lot from riding dirt bikes. Wrist injuries will drastically affect your speed, strength and endurance on the bike. I already suffered one DNF this year thanks to a wrist injury and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t miss any additional racing. After attempting a light ride using some old tensor bandage, I knew I needed something better to help me finish out this season. Enter Mobius.

Wrist braces have been showing up quite a bit in the last few years. At first I didn’t feel the urge to add another piece of protective equipment to my gear bag but I’m old now and can’t heal up overnight anymore.

The brace

Mobius first came onto the scene strong with their impressive X8 knee brace and the X8 wrist brace uses much of the same technology.

mobius wrist brace
I was lucky to receive this package for my injury the day before a 120 km enduro.

The Mobius X8 wrist brace offers crucial support for your wrist joints and bones while comfortably preventing hyperextension. I say comfortably because there are many braces out there that may offer support but lack comfort or are difficult to wear with gloves. The unique design of the brace with the “continuous cable routing system” (CCRS) offers great protection from extreme bends or forces that could cause or aggravate an injury.

An open palm design means your grip is not affected whatsoever and the fabric that goes around your finger insures the brace will not move around or require constant re-adjustment. The EVA foam is comfortable on skin and not even noticeable over a jersey. You can adjust the extension point depending on your needs from 10-70 degrees using a small allen key.

mobius wrist brace
Although designed to go over your glove and jersey, I took these photos just to show you how it fits your wrist.
mobius wrist brace
Comfortable foam and neoprene finger strap keep the brace firmly in place with out cutting off any circulation.

The first test

I ordered this brace in a panic as I needed to race 120kms of enduro on a wrist that couldn’t lift a bike onto a stand or swing a hammer. No pre-ride or preliminary test run was possible. Just had to put it on and immediately get into racing.

mobius wrist brace
Designed to go over your jersey and glove, you’ll barely notice it after a few minutes of riding.

After putting on the brace, the initially fit was very impressive. It did not feel cumbersome or bulky.┬áThe beauty of this brace is that is still offers mobility while preventing damaging movements so it doesn’t take long to forget it’s there.

The first few kilometres felt a bit odd as I got used to it. After a while I only really noticed it in some standing positions when I would be leaning forward. This feeling would be because I was flirting with one of those hyperextension points and the brace was already saving my ass! The day was a success and although I didn’t have my usual speed, I was pleased to not have to add another DNF to the season.

Round two

So it helped with enduro riding. Even though the trail was choppy, rutted and full of roots, it didn’t really have too many jarring impacts. The next week, my wrist was stronger but still aggravated so we decided to give it another test at the Gopher Dunes MX track. This track is as close to beach sand as you’ll find here, it gets really rough and features some decent sized jumps with short landings.

The brace stayed just as true as it did in the enduro test. It offered comfortable support for as many laps as I could handle (which isn’t many). I still had all the mobility I could ask for with limited grimaces of pain from the nagging injury. A couple big cases and one massive over jump and I’m convinced this brace is doing it’s job!

I followed this test up with two days of back to back 2 hour Cross country motos on track and trail. The brace is still a winner.

mobius wrist brace
This gopro screenshot from a recent race shows the brace doing its job for me!

Final thoughts

I have a feeling if I were wearing the Mobius X8 wrist brace when I decided to highside in 4th gear. I may not be dealing with this injury at all. This wrist brace is also designed to prevent injury as well as support an already injured wrist which it did very well.

After nearly 20 hours of riding and racing with the X8 wrist brace, I’d recommend it to anyone with an injury, chronic wrist problems or a previously broken wrist. It can also be used as a preventive measure. It’s easy to see that the risk of injury can be heavily reduced by extreme movement limitations and additional support.

Thanks for reading! Contact us with any questions you may have.