Review: SRT Threaded bar end mount kit

You may never have heard of this product, but you need it!


Have you ever gotten up from a crash to see your hand guards pointing at the sky or down to the ground? They may have saved your levers and fingers in the crash but now they threaten injury to your wrists or kneecaps!

Although I’d prefer not run wrap around hand guards at all, I would be out of fingers riding the woods without them! I have been experimenting with different set ups for the last few years. Most, if not all the hand guards I have tried always had the same issue. If you wreck or hit something with enough force the hand guards would rotate on the bars and would have to remain in that position until you get your tools out to relocate them. Problem solved with this SRT product.


There are several companies out there producing similar products, SRT was the most available to us at the time. They sell this kit with or without the TAP, you also have the option of Steel or Aluminum inserts.

SRT Threaded bar end mount kit
Kit Contents.

The anchors that come with most hand guard kits use a simple design that when a bar end bolt is threaded in pushes anchors against the inside of your handlebar and uses that force to keep them in place. This system is convenient but weak. With these threaded bar end inserts you are securing that same bar end bolt into an insert that will become part of your handlebar, meaning you can now use more torque to tighten it up and it will be much less likely to move in the event of an impact.

SRT Threaded bar end mount kit
Using the supplied tap to cut threads into the handlebar.

Installation is simple. Using the supplied tap, you will cut new threads into the inner diameter of your handlebar. The inserts will then thread into the end of your handlebar until they sit flush with the handlebar end. Make sure you only thread enough so the insert will not continue turning once seated. You can now install your hand guards using the supplied bar end bolts.

SRT Threaded bar end mount kit
Before installation.
SRT Threaded bar end mount kit
During installation.
SRT Threaded bar end mount kit
After installation.
SRT Threaded bar end mount kit
With hand guards re-installed.

If you’re running a full wrap around style hand guard and have experienced a rotation upon impact, this product is certainly for you. For anyone running hand guards and have not experienced any rotation upon impacts, I’d still recommend this product for added strength to your guards.

When deciding between aluminum or Steel inserts, I’d always lean towards the steel as they will be stronger. Your main advantage to the aluminum is weight savings, as woods riders a few extra ounces won’t hurt us.

I’ve put about ten hours on these inserts so far and they have certainly seen some big impacts, they have held up phenomenally well and haven’t budged.

Highly recommended!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about this product. Let us know what you think.